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There are so many locations in Italy to organize a fantastic marriage.
We propose to you: antique villas, historical abodes, ancient castles, famous restaurants. You can choose among the cities of art, the Italian countryside or the Italian lakes, you’ve just to decide where, and we will be glad to organize everything for you.

Wedding on Lake Garda

Wedding in the countryside and Brescia in Lombardy

A romantic wedding in Verona, a city of art, scenery of Romeo and Juliet’s love story

Wedding in Tuscany, between the hills of Chianti or in the city of Florence.


Wedding on Lake Garda

There are so many ancient towns along the Garda Lake shore where you can have either a civil, catholic or symbolic wedding.
The Lake Garda and its many towns, each one different from the other, offers beautiful churches where your wedding can take place, like the cathedral of Desenzano or the Chapel of Sirmione. You can make beautiful and romantic pictures that will remain as souvenirs of this fantastic day.
The list of venues where your reception can take place is endless, The Garda Lake proposes a multitude of solutions, starting from traditional restaurants, spectacular villas with a view on the lake,  huge parks and private beaches,  castles on the top of a hill with breathtaking views of Lake Garda. It’s up to you !!!
You can choose the scenario of your dreams: Sirmione, Malcesine, Torre del Benaco, Desenzano del Garda, Lazise are the most famous . Most of these towns have church which contain unique and irreplaceable works of art, frescoes and religious artifacts.

To look at the beautiful photos of the places where you can choose to organize your wedding click on each town of the map.

Wedding in the countryside and Brescia in Lombardy

Brescia is a wonderful Italian city. The historic and cultural heritage is found in every corner of the city: the Castle, the Roman temple, the buildings of the Renaissance, the Cathedral and other major churches. Brescia is a classy city, full of streets where you can do some shopping and small food stores with typical products.

The plain of Brescia is very interesting for its villas, churches, castles, farmhouses and buildings. Its landscape will amaze you, because it is characterized by cultivated fields and small villages that surround the cultural and historical places. The many churches, villages, castles will create unique events in a fairy-tale atmosphere.

The plain of Brescia is definitely a jewel of Italian cuisine: there you can find a great variety of cheese as Grana Padano cheese, wine, delicious sausages, meats and honey. Our professionals know how to delight you and your guests with typical dishes of the area.

Franciacorta, extends from the western outskirts of Brescia up to the southern shores of Lake Iseo. The territory of Franciacorta is characterized by the production of Italian sparkling wine “par excellence”. The best wineries are located in beautiful historic buildings, where you can taste the wine and also arrange some private events.
Your events held in Franciacorta, will be located in abbeys, castles and palaces of the 17th and 18th centuries



A romantic wedding in Verona, the city of art and of Romeo and Juliet’s romance

Verona is a historical and cultural patrimony of  Italy and of the entire mankind. It has charmed many poets, painters and famous people of every age. Verona is magical, you can see yourself by strolling through the alleys, where you can see the  intersect of different historical eras, from the Roman original buildings, to the great palaces of the Renaissance or to the medieval fortifications that surround the city. After Rome, Verona can be considered the second archeological city for its Roman ruins, and you can understand it by admiring the Amphitheater Arena, which resembles the Coliseum in Rome even if smaller, and which is the set of the most famous operas. Worth mentioning are also Piazza Bra, the Teatro Romano, Ponte Pietra and other important monuments.

All these features allow you to choose beautiful different sceneries for your wedding.

Verona, the nest of love, has been made immortal by William Shakespeare with his romance Romeo and Juliet. Another place that you must visit is Romeo and Juliet’s house, where you can leave a sweet love card, admire Juliet’s statue and even exchange a kiss on their balcony! It’s a destination mostly craved by all lovers ... so, what are you waiting for?

Wedding in Tuscany, between the hills of Chianti or in the city of Florence

Tuscany is known worldwide thanks to the many works of art found in its cities such as Florence, Siena, Pisa etc.. Tuscany is a wonderful setting for your event. We work with a famous agency specialized in weddings organization, also known for its extreme skill and seriousness. If you decide to commit it the organization of your wedding, its staff will be happy and able to satisfy every desire you have, allowing you to relax and enjoy the many attractions of the region. Also they can organize your excursion in the Chianti hills, with an itinerary through the best wineries and the most popular restaurant, including the stops to try the culinary delights of Tuscany.

A wedding in Tuscany will be unique and you will spend unforgettable moments marked by its famous cuisine and its fantastic scenery of the hills, that will be the background of the day of your wedding.

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