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About the communication
You can ask us questions Every time you need by sending us a mail or calling us, and we will be pleased to answer as soon as possible. We can also communicate via Skype, a medium that allows us to have a more personal approach with the customer.

About your legal documents
How to get married in Italy ??
If you are both British, you must publish the Banns at your local registry office in England.
After 23 days of these publications, the office releases a Certificate of No Impediment (CNI).
If you’ve been previously married, you must include the “Divorce Decree Absolute”.
Once donned, you have to present to the British Consulate the following documents :

  • Photocopy of your Passports.
  • Birth certificates (issued by civil authorities, which must include names of both parents)
  • Divorce Decree Absolute (if you’ve already been married)
  • Previous marriage certificate (for both)
  • Certificate of no impediment /Nulla Osta*

After some days the British Consulate will release you the Nulla Osta. You will have to send us in order to publish it in the Italian city where you’re getting married.

It’s very important that your full name is written in the same way in all the documents, otherwise the office will not accept the request. The completed forms required expire after 3 month if you’ve not married yet.

*These are certificates which confirm that there are no objections to your proposed marriage. You need to obtain a Certificate of No Impediment (CNI) from your local register office. We will make an exchange for a Nulla Osta at the nearest British Consulate to where you’re getting married in Italy. The Nulla Osta is the Italian version of CNI.

For all the other country, you can ask us what are the legal documents requested to get married in Italy and we will be happy to send you a email.

About the wedding contract
We provide a legal contract that follows all European and International laws. Once you’re married a marriage license will be released to you, which has to be presented to your local registrar office.

About the payments
Once you ask for our services, we will send you  an email or a fax of our contract that you have to sign and send back to us, and we will ask a bank transfer of five hundred Euro for the beginning of the search. We always release you a receipt when the payment is done.






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