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Who we are

L'amour en rose was born to simplify the tough job of the organization of a wedding and to lift the bridegrooms to be from all their duties - some of them very annoying ones. But the agency is also a help to organize any kind of business event or private event, like parties for children or suppers among friends.

L'amour en rose is an agency for the organization of parties and ceremonies on the Lake Garda. We organize every kind of wedding, civil or religious, for Italian and foreign couples.
The holder, of French nationality, has graduated in “art of the table and cuisine” at the specialized Liceo of La  Rochelle in France. After having worked in the best decorated restaurants in Rome, preparing suppers for VIP and politicians, and organizing marriages, she has decided to put her experience into practice by opening an agency of wedding planner.

L'amour en rose has the advantage of a strategic position: its center is in fact located on the south bank of the Garda Lake, between Brescia and Verona, both cities with a huge historical and cultural patrimony. The two banks of the lake offer very different landscapes allowing to create a unique setting. We cooperate with the best professionals of the area, offering a range of accurate and exclusive services in order to create an unforgettable event.

Treat yourself with L'amour en rose….

Why choose us?

L'amour en rose  is specialized in plan and direction of wedding ceremonies. Our expertise is offering you any sort of customized service that best suits on your demands and on your budget, by offering a very competent, knowledgeable and caring facilitation to your wedding staff.

Hiring a wedding planner means firstly to eliminate the pressure of the several decisions you have to take and secondly, to avoid the stress that you could have by doing it yourself. If you choose to use our services, you can keep an eye on your budget, and everything you’ll have to pay for, will be handled directly by us!

Our experienced, dedicated and professional staff combines diverse and unique ideas with impeccable service, to institute ingenious and creativity.

We will work with you to create the day of your dream. In planning beautiful and truly memorable events the details are the most important things, from the choice of the perfect location, to the choice of the cards to place on each table.

We focus on the details
You focus on the day

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