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Our job is that to build, in every detail, your perfect marriage. Whether it is classical or modern, formal or dynamic, traditional or innovative, the wedding is planned and improved through different meetings with the futures bridegrooms.

We will organize the search for the location where the reception will take place, whether the ceremony takes place in the church or in the city hall. Once you choose the place for the marriage (that is a mainly important choice), L'amour en rose will follow step by step the preparation for the marriage, in a chronological order of importance.

We will decide together the theme, the color, the kind of flowers, the leitmotiv of your wedding, that most represents you and that gives harmony and refinement to your event.
We will deal in your place with the legal documents necessary for the municipality or the church. We will set the dates to choose together the wedding dress, the floral decorations, the wedding rings, the car you want to hire and so many other services, always following the style that you want to adopt for the wedding, since you will be the only one to choose every detail. With the use of the internet and Skype, you will be able to choose from your home the decorations, the flowers, and so on....

When you will come to find us, we will organize a general try of the wedding dress and the menu, and a visit of the location. We can handle everything which is related to your wedding, including your honeymoon and the travel arrangements you require.

L'amour en rose will make you live the most beautiful stages of the wedding.
A marriage which takes place in Italy is unforgettable: the gastronomic culture and the good Italian wine will leave you a special memory. Friends and family will be astonished by your wedding in Italy.

You can trust us, we will make your wedding day the most extraordinary day of your life!!






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